Java SDET Europe

Java SDET Europe

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About Course

Software test automation engineers or software development engineers in test design test plans & test cases, conduct manual tests, reports bugs and verify bug fixes,  implement automation frameworks and test scripts, write analysis tools, deploy test devices, and run automated tests on local or cloud servers.

Software Test Automation Engineers should master the technical expertise in Java Selenium WebDriver GUI framework designing, Java Restful API framework, Java database testing framework, and Apache JMeter performance testing along with continuous deployment and integration hands-on knowledge. 

Special Notes:

Our training program is very intensive, and we only focus on concepts and technical skills to prepare you for manual testing and software test automation careers. We will cover from the basic computer knowledge to advanced level of java test automation framework designing for UI, API, and database testing, therefore, you need to have a strong dedication, commitment, and motivation to this program. In addition to attending our 10 hours of weekly course and project, you are required to spend additional 10 hours to practice and work on assignments.

you will learn new concepts and do project-based quizzes and assessments every week. We use Amazon AWS cloud servers for SQL databases, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jenkins, and Git in the pattern of CI/CD process (continuous integration and continuous deployment), so we need to set up all the resources for students. In addition to the pre-recorded videos, we do live recording for classroom contents and discussion, so you can practice knowledge after classes by watching recorded videos. so We Do NOT accept any registration after the registration deadline. Thanks.

Short Description

In the IT job market in 2022 and beyond, the demand for software development engineers in test (SDET) or software test automation engineer positions increases in the USA, Canada, and European countries.


Week 34 - 42 Web Test Automation Framework Designing Project
Week 33 - Web Application Performance Testing with Apache JMeter
Week 32 - Java Selenium Cucumber Framework
Week 31 - Cloud Computing and Test Automation (Optional)
Week 30 - Jenkins Continuous Integration and Deployment Build
Week 29 - Java API Framework Desiging
Week 28 - Java Database Automation Framework Designing
Week 26 - 27 SQL Database
Week 25 - Java Selenium WebDriver Advanced Actions
Week 24 - Java Selenium WebDriver Page Object Pattern
Week 23 - Java TestNG Framework with Selenium WebDriver Automation
Week 22 - Java JUnit Framework with Selenium WebDriver Automation
Week 21 - Code Management and Version Control and Build
Week 20 - Java JSON Data Structure
Week 19 - Java File IO
Week 18 - Java CSV and Excel File Handling - Part 2
Week 18 - Java Multi Threading - Part 1
Week 17 - Java Class Polymorphism and Exception Handling - Part 3
Week 17 - Java Interface and Class Implementation - Part 2
Week 17 - Java Class Method - Part 1
Week 16 - Java Class Inheritance - Part 2
Week 16 - Java Class & Constructor Concept - Part 1
Week 15 - Java Collection Data Structure
Week 14 - Java Selenium WebDriver Automation & StopWatch
Week 13 - Java Loop Statements
Week 12 - Java Selenium WebDriver Automation Console Application Development
Week 11 - Java Conditional Statements
Week 10 - Java Console Input
Week 09 - Java Operators
Week 08 - Java Primitive Data Types and Data Type Conversions
Week 07 - Java String Literals and String Object
Week 06 - Java Object Oriented Programming Introduction
Week 05 - Manual Testing & Practice
Week 43 - Resume & Interviews
Week 04 - Software Development and Manual Testing
Week 01 - Java SDET Program Orientation
Week 02 - Operating System
Week 03 - Selenium Introduction and Selenium IDE Test Automation

Class Times

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Istanbul Time)
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Istanbul Time)
10:00 am - 3:00 pm (Istanbul Time)

Already Completed

1000 + students

Only Accept

100 Students

Flexible Tuition Payments

Pay by Monthly Installments

Training Method

project-based , instructor-led online hands-on training

Unlimited Access

online pre-recorded and live classroom recordings and assessment materials

Cloud Servers

All servers are on the cloud for anytime practice

Job Search Support

resume and interview preparation

Program Content Access

Access on mobile and TV

Program Completion

Certificate of Completion

Career & Job Perspective

Software Test Automation Engineer, Software Tester, Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Automation Engineer, Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)



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