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English Language Training for Software Engineering Career Development

English Language Training for Software Engineering Career Development


Why Learn English for Software Engineering Career Development

Prepare prospective students for the future United Coder software engineering or software test automation engineering programs by offering them English language training. Most software engineering or test automation engineering jobs require essential business and technology-level communication skills.

United Coder English Program for Information Technology Career Development


Duration of the Training

Duration: 4 months
Weekly: 6 hours
Sessions: 3 evenings. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 20:00-22:00 (Istanbul Time)

Training Objective

After completing the program, students should be able to reach the Common European Framework of Reference for English B2 level.  Students should take a final assessment and obtain a grade at the B2 level. The instructor will finish the English for Information Technology two books below. 


Enrollment Requirements

There is no prerequisite for enrollment. The enrollment is open to the general public. Registered students should take an initial assessment test. 


Alan Uyghur graduated from the University of Finance and Economics and received his BA degree in English in 2011. In 2012, he was admitted to the MBA program of Yildiz Technical University with a full scholarship. After receiving his Master of Business Administration degree, he pursued his English language teaching studies at Uludag University. Since receiving his second master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, he has continued his Ph.D. studies in English Language Education and Teaching at Anadolu University.

He has worked in several universities as an English Lecturer and has gained over ten years of teaching experience in higher education. Alan Uyghur specializes in teaching English for specific purposes and works as a Cambridge Speaking Examiner and an IELTS Test supervisor. 

Program Registration & Deadline

  • Registration Deadline: October 15, 2023
  • Class Start Date: October 16, 2023 (Monday) 
  • Class End Date:  February 16, 2024 (Friday) 

Class Time (Istanbul Time) 

  • Monday Evening, 20:00 - 22:00 pm, Online
  • Wednesday Evening, 20:00 - 22:00 pm, Online
  • Friday Evening, 20:00 - 22:00 pm, Online

Program Training Cost

Total Training Fee: $500 (five hundred dollars) 

Payment Method: an initial deposit of $200 (two hundred dollars) is required to enroll in the course, and the payment goes toward your first month of tuition. 

You must pay the balance of $300 (three hundred dollars) in three installments; this means you must pay $100/month for three months starting the second month of our program start date. 

Note: we will refund your full tuition deposit of $200 if you drop the training program within the first two calendar weeks of the start of our training program. 

Training Content

1. Working in the IT industry (introducing yourself and others, meeting people, jobs in IT, schedules, business matters; present simple)
2. Computer systems (Describing computer hardware, software, working with computers, understanding computer usage, and computer tasks; comparatives, superlatives, present continuous)
3. Websites (how to talk about websites, website analysis, website development, getting information about websites, website analysis tools, functions, and features of websites; question words, describing steps in a process)
4. Databases (Understanding database products, describing data processing steps, talking about storage and devices, using data in company departments, data storage, and backup; asking people to do things, quick questions to check the understanding, asking and giving advice)
5. E-commerce (E-commerce companies, E-commerce features, transaction security, online transactions, describing the transaction process, quantity, linking ideas, and future tense)
6. Network systems (Explaining types of networks, describing and fixing network hardware, talking about the network capabilities; giving reasons, making suggestions, past simple)
7. Support (fault diagnosis and understanding faults, filling in-service reports, using toolkits and making repairs, solving customer service problems; the present perfect, explain the usage of something)
8. Security and safety (describing security solutions, identifying a safe working environment, explaining network and system security, reporting a security incident; expressing possibilities and prohibitions)
9. IT Systems (system specifications, GUI operations, multimedia hardware, operating systems, giving instructions for using a GUI; giving instructions, imperatives, softeners, sequences, expressing reason and purpose)
10. Data Communication (Internet browsing, defining network concepts, specifying information about data communication; the present simple and continuous, relative clauses)

11. Administration (database, spreadsheets, and formulae, systems administration, explaining sequences of systems administration tasks, explaining how the problem occurred; past simple, by/while/before/after, past continuous, and past simple)

12. Choices: (web hosting, comparing procedures, discussing IT costs, researching products, recommending products, asking polite questions, indirect questions, comparative and superlative)

13. Development (describing software requirements, talking about website architecture, discussing future plans and schedules, software development, website design, and project management; the passive, user requirements)
14. Solutions (investigations, diagnosis, solutions, your future IT, proposing solutions, speculating about the causes of a fault)
15. Test Plan & Test Cases & Test Execution (how to write test cases, how to execute tests in automation, how to organize test plans)
16. Programming Concepts (data structure, control structures, syntax, tools)
17. Variable concepts in programming
18. API general concepts
19. Software Development and Test Development
20. Resume and cover letters

Computer Requirements & Specification

Since this is an English training program, we do not require a specific computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device to join the program online. However, you need a stable internet connection and camera to join the program and make the class interactive. 

Camera: the class is offered online using either the Zoom application or Google Meet, so you should have a built-in computer camera or an external camera. 
Internet: the class is offered online, so you need a stable internet connection using either hardwired ethernet or wifi. 

Online Class Recordings Video and Assessment Sites

Program Content Delivery

  • Instructor-led online interactive training
  • Unlimited access to online videos and practical materials
  • All training resources are available on the cloud.
  • Focus on small class sizes with maximum efficiency.
  • Consultants can attend the course online if they cannot attend the training classroom.

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