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Can I access classroom recordings if I cannot join the course occasionally?

Yes. When we teach the course live online, we will record the entire duration of each class and upload the recordings to our internal teachable system and give access to students. We encourage every student to join the class on time and complete the assignments. For any reason, if you cannot join the class, you can watch the classroom recordings and catch up the content yourself. It is your responsiblity to complete the assignments before the due date even if you have missed the classroom lecture. 

Can I study with other students in a group?

Yes, when we start teaching the Java programming, we divide students in the groups and assign mentors. Our mentors are former students who have obtained IT jobs after completing our training, so they can help our current students from their learning and job searching experiences. We encourage students to actively work with their team member to complete group projects. 

 Can I pay the tuition by installments?

Yes, after making the initial enrollment deposit, students can payoff the tuition balance by installments. Each program has its own tuition policy, so please view the program page for the tuition and payment information. 

What is your tuition refund policy?

After we officially start the course, if you drop the course within the first two calendar weeks, we can issue you a full refund of your initial deposit. First two weeks is considered as a trial class period. Each program has its own tuition refund policy, and we will explain the policy during our course introduction event. 

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