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Dolkun Tarim

CEO & Founder of United Coder

Dolkun Tarim is the founder CEO of United Coder. He manages a team of instructors, teaching assistants, marketing and project managers and accountants. He designs training curriculums and projects to help students achieve success and land their dream IT jobs. He has technical expertises in the following areas below.

  • Principal Java Developer

  • Java Selenium UI Automation Framework Expert

  • Java API and Database Automation Framework Expert

  • DevOps Experts in Jira, BitBucket, Confluence and Jenkins

  • Java, Python, and C# instructor.

  • Java TestNG & JUnit Expert

  • Python PyUnit Expert

  • Cypress and Playwright Automation Expert

  • SQL and MySQL Expert

  • Automation Book Technical Reviewer

(+1) 443-843-0886

Dolkun Tarim
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